Origins of confirmation stamps (Sonderbestätigungsstempel)

Origins of confirmation stamps (Sonderbestätigungsstempel)

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I'm new here, registered couple weeks ago and my ragistration validated today. I'm living in Hungary.
I'm interested in zeppelins of the German Imperial Navy for years and I started studying the LZ127 and collecting mails with confirmation stamps some months ago.
(And I'm almost sure that Ernst A. Lehmann's pencil written signature was on the other side of my 'Weltrundfahrt' cover with bordpost date 2nd of September 1929)

I'm wondering the wits and diversity of the special confirmation stamps (Sonderbestätigungsstempel) used on the LZ127 mails.

I'd like to write an article in Hungarian on the confirmation stamps, but as I searched on the Internet, I found virtually nothing.
I wrote to the Zeppelin Museum for info, but I received almost nothing. They recommended me the Sieger Katalog which I have already and Duggan's book on the LZ130 Mails which I have not so I don't know.

I need information on the origins and history of the confirmation stamps. Whose idea was introducing these stamps? Who was responsible for the drawings and forms of the stamps? Who drew the figures of the stamps? Who validated/authorized them for use? Who decided the color of the stamp of a given flight?
Is there any English languaged book that gives info on the history of the confirmation stamps?
I don't speak or read in German so German languaged books can't help me.

Thank you in advance
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