"Lindau 1908 - 2010"

"Lindau 1908 - 2010"

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Hello again. On our visit to Friedrichshafen in 2010 we visited Lindau and i took some photos of the famous Harbour entrance with the Lighthouse and the statue of the Lion, having looked through my Postcard collection i came across a Postcard from 1908 with a very similar view of the Harbour entrance to the picture i took. The Postcard is dated 31.DEC. 5-6 NM. - 08 franked with a Bayern 5 PF Green /White, and has a picture of a Zeppelin on from the time, a nice comparison of pictures form 1908 to 2010.
Lindau (4).jpg
Lindau (4).jpg (71.62 KiB) 1511-mal betrachtet
Lindau (3).jpg
Lindau (3).jpg (66.68 KiB) 1511-mal betrachtet
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Lindau (2).jpg (50.31 KiB) 1511-mal betrachtet
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