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Hello again. Could any member give me some information on this well travelled cover. It is cancelled on the back with Two black "ASUNCION 3-5.35" postmarks, and has what looks like a Purple Condor Zeppelin Lufthansa "Guiding stamp", and a Black "BRAUNLAGE" (HARZ) arrival stamp "15.5.35 8-9 ", franked with a Special issue Paraguay 22.50 P overprinted "1935" Zeppelin postage stamp, and also the postage stamp is cancelled with the Special Purple Airmail confirmation postmark.
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Hello @Talltrees,

the cover was carried on the 3rd flight of the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin in 1935 from South America to Europe in combination with the Deutsche Lufthansa (DHL) South America service (Sieger No. 298)[1].

Posted in Asuncion on Friday 3rd May 1935 the cover went by surface means from Asuncion to Buenos Aires/Argentina[2].
From Buenos Aires the cover was carried by Syndicato Condor Ltda. to Recife/Brazil via Rio de Janeiro according to the following departure schedule[3]:
Buenos Aires Dep. Wednesday 8th May 1935
Rio de Janeiro Dep. Friday 10th May 1935
Recife Arr. Friday 10th May 1935

In Recife the cover was transferred to the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin who left Recife in the evening of Friday 10th May with 160 kg mail on board[4]. After crossing the South Atlantic on Monday 13th May LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin dropped all the mail to the DHL at Larache/Spanish Morocco for the faster airplane flight to Germany. The airmail transferred to DHL in Larache arrived in Stuttgart on Tuesday 14th May 1935[5). From Stuttgart the cover reached its destination in Braunslage by surface means in the morning of Wednesday 15th May 1935 as the arrival datestamp "Braunslage (Harz) 15.5.35. 8-9" on the back of the cover shows.

The cover carries the relevant special cachet to obliterate the airmail stamp on the front of the cover[6] as well as the
standard "staging" cachet "Servicio Aereo Transoceanico/Condor-Zeppelin-Lufthansa/Paraguay-Europa" (though very weak) on the back of the cover[7] and the special airmail handstamp to cancel the ordinary stamps on the back of the cover.
According to Sieger the 3rd return flight in 1935 was the first possibility to use the Zeppelin airmail stamp Michel-Nr. 440 affixed to the front of your cover on Zeppelin mail[8]. While my 1981/82 edition of the MICHEL South America Catalogue
states that the Paraguayan Zeppelin stamp Michel No. 440 was issued on 4th May 1935 your cover shows that this airmail stamp was on sale already one day earlier. Thus your cover seems to be a first day cover for Michel no. 440.

Finally some remarks on Paraguayan postage rates:

The cover is correctly franked with 4.50 Peso ordinary postage stamps and a 22.50 Peso Zeppelin airmail stamp. In May
1935 the Paraguayan UPU surface letter rate for a letter up to 20 grammes and the UPU registration fee was 2.50 Peso and 2.00 Peso respectively[9]; the airmail surcharge for an airmail letter up to 5 grammes to Europe carried by Zeppelin/DHL was 22.50 Peso[10].


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[2]In 1935 the Paraguayan Zeppelin mail was carried to Buenos Aires by the international train leaving Asuncion central railway station on Sundays; Noemí A. Fridman de Urbieta Pena, Tarifas Postales del Paraguay Anos 1925-1940, Asuncion/Paraguay 2000 p. 55
[3]James W. Graue/John Duggan a.a.O.(Fn. 1) p. 193
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Hello saintex. Thank you again for the very detailed information on this flight. I knew it was sent on the return flight of the 1935 3 SAF but this now makes sence with the dropping of this mail at Larache and the DHL transfer from Larache to Stuttgart then by surface to Braunslage. And another interesting fact that this is also a FDC :o in fact as you state it was franked (3-5.35) the day before the special issue date :o .
Thanks again
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